What are some science terms that start with z?


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I was unsure about this question so I have been looking and I have come up with the following terms -

  1. Zodiac - Twelve constellations dividing the ecliptic into approximately equal parts.  Each month the Sun is in a different constellation of the Zodiac.

  2. Z-DNA - The region of the DNA that has a left handed helix with alternating purines and pyrimidines that may be a site for a DNA-binding protein is known as Z-DNA.
  3. Zebra Fish - This is one of many model organisms used in biomedical research to understand development of higher organisms, the functioning of nervous systems, and fundamental aspects of physiology and the cause of diseases.
  4. Zoology - the branch of science under biology that studies the structure, function, behaviour and evolution of animals is known as zoology
  5. Zooplankton - Microscopic animals that live in the water column of oceans, seas, and bodies of fresh water.  The smallest zooplankton can be characterised as recyclers of water-column nutrients and often are closely tied to measures of nutrient enrichment.  Larger zooplankton are important food for forage fish species and larval stages of all fish.

  6. Zooxanthellae - Unicellular yellow-brown (dinoflagellate) algae which live symbiotically in the gastrodermis of reef-building coral.
  7. Zygote - This is a fertilised egg containing two sets of chromosomes, one from the egg (oocyte) and one from the sperm.  The zygote is a single cell and the result of a fusion between two gametes, and egg (female) and one sperm cell (male).
I hope this helps you.

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