Can you give me a few examples of science trivia questions?


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Science is a very broad subject, so I have tried to arrange some example questions into loose categories.


  1. A frog is part of which group of animals? -mammal -reptile -amphibian -invertebrate
  2. In a pride of lions, all of the females are related? True or False

  3. What is a group of fish called? -pack -shoal -herd -pride


  1. Who discovered gravity? -Newton -Einstein -Darwin -Hawkin
  2. Which galaxy is Earth located?
  3. Iron is attacked by magnets? True or False


  1. What is the main gas found in the air? -Nitrogen -Hydrogen -Oxygen -Helium
  2. What element does H stand for?
  3. H3O is the chemical formula for water? True or False


Animals: A. Amphibian b. True c. Shoal

Physics: A. Newton b. Milky Way c. True

Chemistry: A. Nitrogen b. Hydrogen c. False

I have tried to make the questions varied with a different way to answer each one. I hope these can come in useful!

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