the floppy drive no longer comes as a standard component of microcomputers. What do you think will be the next legacy device to be abandoned?


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I think the next drive to be removed from new computers will be the CD-ROM drive. 

In fact, this phase out has already begun with the advent of netbooks, (smaller, more portable laptops with more "basic" features do not have CD-ROM drives) and tablets, like iPads and the new Windows 8 touchscreen devices.

CDs are themselves become far less common with the increase in popularity of MP3 players and smartphones, many people - including myself - have abandoned the need for the physical medium altogether.

The same goes for DVDs. 

Netflix and other online streaming websites mean that people do not need to buy or rent physical discs any longer. 

On the other hand, there is increase in demand for high quality HD viewing, but this is generally done on HDTVs, as personal computers often do not have the technology or the screen-size for this.

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