What Is Odeama?


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Odeama is a medical term meaning fluid retention within the body, it was formerly called dropsy. It can result in swelling or puffiness in affected areas due to a build-up of mainly water in the body's tissues. It can also cause discoloration of the skin, aching or tender limbs, stiff joints, weight fluctuation, raised blood pressure and pulse rate. It is often a symptom of an underlying condition but can be caused by other factors such as being immobile for long periods, high salt intake, hot weather, high altitude or burns to the skin.
If the Lymphatic vessels within the body are not working properly then a condition called Lymphoedema can occur. The system of lymph nodes throughout the body are used to drain fluid from body tissues to be transported and emptied back into the blood, if this system is blocked somehow then fluid cannot be reabsorbed and builds up. Odeama can also be caused by pregnancy, thyroid, liver or kidney disease, heart failure, diabetes, arthritis and malnutrition. Medication ranging from high blood pressure tablets, the contraceptive pill and corticosteroids can also cause odeama. It most commonly occurs in the hands, feet, arms, legs and ankles and is then known as peripheral odeama. When odeama occurs in specific organs it will be defined in that way, for example pulmonary odeama affects the lungs, macular odeama affects the eyes and cerebral odeama affects the brain.

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