What would happen if the Earth stopped it’s rotation?


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You wouldn't!!

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Yo Kass
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wouldn't what?
John McCann
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You wouldn't stop rotating ( moving with speed in the direction of rotation, or rather tangential to the direction of rotation ) of course!

Simple physics as we are moving in relation to the ground at all times. Even when you are in a car you are not moving in relation to the car but to the ground, so the car stops and you don't.

Sometimes things are so obvious to me that I tersely joke about them. " You wouldn't!! " is an example of this.
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One side would be in direct sunlight all the time, and the other side would be in total darkness. The side facing the sun would heat up and the water would boil. It would become a hot, dry, inhospitable place with no life. The dark side of the earth would freeze. The wind currents would take the water vapor on the sunny side of the earth and move it to the dark side. On the dark side the water vapor would fall as snow. The earth would be hot on one side and frozen on the other. If any life could survive it would be found in the twilight area between the hot side and the cold side.

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