Can anyone help me with my science project? (details below)


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Couldn't you simply explain the outcome as "only 1/3 of the pinto beans grew".

You could then give details as to the reasons you think they didn't grow, and how that affected the integrity of your exercise.

There's really no reason to be stressed.

I'm pretty sure the point of the assignment is to prove that you understand the scientific process, unless your teacher really likes pinto beans and is using it as a cover to grow a new batch!

But seriously, showing that you can still apply the scientific method and analysis even though the outcome wasn't the one you had hoped for will probably impress the teacher more that if everything went according to plan.

It shows that you can think on your feet.

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I had to do an exp. On beans and how they’re affected by
different kinds of music. I was letting the beans sprout before I did the
experiment bc of what happened to me. I made sure to do everything the same but
only 1/3 plants grew. If I would’ve tested them without letting them sprout
first I would’ve came to a false conclusion. I’m going to try and tell my
teacher the reason I couldn’t do this experiment and rather do a research
essay. I need different sources on the conclusions of experiments similar to
this so I can average it out and make a ending to my project in order to come
up with a conclusion so I don't entirely fail :)

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then you make it up. Give a prediction and outcome and state that you know the difference between the two if that makes any sense. So like 'I predict that the pinto beans would be more likely to grow with this type of music..etc and I think this because.. etc, however I found that (give real results which can be made up) so for example 'However I found that the pinto beans did not grow any differently to the music played and there is no difference in the growth if there was or was no music.

Then write what could have affected your results. So maybe... there was already noise at the time the beans were growing, so that could have had an effect on their growth. Or just say what would have happened if the circumstances were different, e.g music was too loud which meant that the beans didn't grow properly?? something like that.

Remember though at the start you need to state the aim of the experiment. E.g The aim of this experiment was to test the growth of pinto beans with the various music played and whether this would have had an impact or not'.
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I dunno if that was just all gibberish to you LOL sorry!
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lol its okay!

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