What are some nice things about Mondays?


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Ok, so people always go on about the low work-productivity, hangovers, and increased suicide and heart-attack rate, but there are plenty of reasons to be glad about Mondays:

1. Monday Night Football (if you're an NFL fan)

2. Monday Night Raw (if you're a wrestling fan)

See how these people are enjoying their monday with some WWE..

3. You get to see your colleagues/classmates and share stories about what an awesome weekend you had

Here are some examples of the adventures you might be sharing

4. Haggling of purchases like cars is best done on Monday. 

Car salesmen do most of their business on weekends, so are more eager to snap up any sale they can on quiet days like Monday. 

Same goes for a lot of retailers.

5. Monday is technically the day that receives the least rainfall. 

One theory is that it has to do with all the pollution generated over the weekend...

6. It's another wonderful day that you are alive and free (unless you're living in a dictatorship or incarcerated).

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