What's the likelihood of humans colonizing Titan anytime soon?


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If you're talking about colonization for a place to live, then I think people would start with the Earth's moon, Mars, and as mentioned earlier Europa before they consider Titan since they are closer to our planet. Closer in distance means that there won't be as much resources involved which in turn means that not much money would be spent and we know how much people love money.

I'm not saying that it's not a possibility. If and when we do colonize Titan, it'll probably be for harvesting the gasses there for fuel/energy, because there have been recent studies that found hydrocarbons on Titan. This will probably happen once our natural resources have been exploited. Quite sad, but quite possible.

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Good point about the source of energy. I also heard the atmosphere on Titan is so thick we would be able to fly by attaching wings to our arms and flapping around. That's enough of a reason to colonize a moon in my book!
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I think Humans will colonize Europa first. And as for the anytime soon part, I highly doubt in our life. Although I hope I am wrong. :)

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...If Europa isn't already colonized by another species. lol
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Haha, well I hope it happens in our lifetime too! What makes Europa more likely than Titan by the way?
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@ Kass Yassin

Aside from all other considerations, closeness.

Europa is a moon of Jupiter while Titan is a moon of Saturn.

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