Does Colored Water Freeze Faster Than Plain Water?


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Colored water will take longer or shorter to freeze than pure water does as it contains an additive or colorant with different qualities to pure water. The time taken to freeze it depends on what is used to color it.

When considering evaporation, darker colored water evaporates faster than clear or lighter colored water, this is because the darker colors retain more heat as they absorb the sun's light. If the freezing environment is lit, it is possible this effect may play some part in freezing times.

Freezing is a little less clear cut than straight evaporation; you first need to consider if the colorant has changed the water's volatility.

If the colorant is a dense liquid, it will change the viscosity of the water, which can have an effect on the freezing time. Assuming there is a perfect mix, and the colorant usually takes longer to freeze than water, it is reasonable to assume that the resulting product will also take longer to freeze than normal water. If the mix is not so perfect, the places with a higher concentration of colorant will take longer to freeze than the places with a lower concentration, again affecting the length of time it takes for it to freeze altogether.

It should be noted than in most cases, the color of the water will not have an impact. Pure water is a completely clear liquid; any coloration of it in any spectral direction will highlight the fact that it is not pure, and whatever ingredient is causing its coloration will be responsible for its longer freezing time.

It should be noted that water may be colored by an additive that has a faster freezing time than pure water. In these cases, the colored water will almost certainly freeze faster than pure water.
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Coloring the water does not affect the time to freeze
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I found out the propylene glycol, found in my food coloring, caused the color to separate and not freeze. Next time I'll try unsweetened cool-aid for my outdoor winter fun project. Maybe that will work.

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