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Quite often we hear in the news about large-scale and small-scale industries. It is generally accepted that a large-scale industry is a company that we see every day and read about in the financial pages of the newspapers. There is very little definition of what makes an industry large scale or small scale, but it is usually linked to the amount of employees that work for the company and the turnover generated each year.
Large-scale and small-scale industry refer to the size of a company in terms of the number of employees and sometimes the annual turnover. Depending on the country and the industry, a small-scale company employs between 250 and 1,500 people. Anything above that is a large-scale company. This is based on US figures which obviously has a large population. Some countries which have a smaller popualation may use a smaller number of employees as a guide.
Any company exceeding these limits is generally viewed as a large-scale one. Those are, for example, multinationals with production facilities in many countries, or big retail chains, such as Wal-Mart. In 2008, there were only 18,000 large companies in the United States, according to the U.S. Office of Advocacy. In the UK and Europe, companies such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, BP and Shell would be seen as large scale, based on number of employees and financial gain or turnover.

Large scale industry is often referred to as an industry that produces on a large scale in order to obtain more capital.

  • Large Scale
Large scale can always be defined as a measurement. Scale means a form of measurement and when it is referred to as large it means that you have a more than average amount on the measurement scale. Thus any industry that is large scale will mean that products are produced at a high volume. This in turn provides a higher capital.

  • Capital
Large scale industry requires a huge amount of capital to be invested in the industry first. It will provide many jobs for employees in order to offer a high output. This type of industry is found in places such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, and Australia.

All of these countries are big money makers and have large operations producing a variety of products. This is different from a small scale industry that does not require as much capital or as many workers.

Given these definitions, a large scale industry can be just about anything from construction to the auto trade. Wal-Mart for example is a company in a large scale industry as they offer plenty of jobs and products to the consumers of the world. Size will matter when it comes to industry. Small companies employ about 60% of the work force in the USA due to the 30 million existing companies.
Unfortunately, these companies have a lower survival rate meaning that they usually run for five to ten years and then end.

Large scale companies total about 18,000 in the USA and employ millions of people around the USA. They are able to survive because of the discounts they can offer on products that small companies cannot.

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Large scale industry is that industry which requires huge capital investment and employs large number of persons with very high output.Most of the developed countries of the world like usa, russia, germany, japan,austrailia have fully developed large - scale industries.
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Examples of large scale industries
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It is the industry that requires a large number of capital and labour.
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A big money maker for one , and a busy operation for their product , fast selling products  ex...  
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Use large amounts of capital ,huge machines and modern and superior technology to manufacture goods.
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It is an industry where capital is huge as well as workers are huge
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Can any one help understand the definition in terms of small scale industries are the one with capital investment upto 1 crore???

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