What Happens To A Lead Acid Battery When It Is Overcharged?


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The acid heats up and can even boil. This could result in a burst battery or even an explosion due to the hydrogen gas released by the boiling acid.
The newer sealed batteries are more likely to fail catastrophically as there is no where for the gas to go and so builds up until the pressure forces the casing to fail.
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Thanks for the reply, I was imagining a bettery left on a trickle or solar charger until boiled dry. I assume the H2O component of the electrolite boils off first, this is why we 'top up' a battery with water, what happens to the Sulfur in the electrolite? Is the battery permanently damaged or can it be revived by replacing the missing electrolite?
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If the acid is completely gone or if the battery case shows any warping or distortion at all, then the battery is ruined.
IF the casing looks OK and the acid hasn't boiled away completely then you might, I repeat might be able to salvage the battery by getting rid of whatever acid is left and then replacing the acid.
Remember to add the acid first as unpleasant reaction can occur of you do it the other way around.
It would be better however to just replace the battery.

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