Where Is Asgard In Mythology?


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Asgard is the place where most of the Norse gods and goddesses lived. It's kind of like Mt. Olympus of Greek mythology. You can reach it by a rainbow that serves as a bridge for both worlds. The problem is, the bridge is guarded by the god Heimdal.
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In Germanic myth, Asgard was the fortress and home of the Aesir, the younger and more powerful gods who dominated the ancient legends the older gods were said to live in a place called Vanaheim.) Odin, the strongest of all, gave the stonemason Hrimthurs six months in which to build it; in return, Hrimthurs demanded to marry the fertility goddess Freya. The gods tried to trick him into not finishing the work before the deadline; in anger, the mason revealed that he was really a frost giant (the gods' mortal enemy.) Thor, the thunder god, then broke the giant's skull with his hammer. Thus Asgard was constructed free of charge; but the enmity between gods and giants would continue till the end of time.

Asgard was imagined as a huge, high stone palace, full of bright halls where the gods lived. It was linked to Midgard (earth) by a huge rainbow bridge, Bifrost.

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