What are the traditional methods of irrigation?


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There are a few different traditional methods of irrigation, each with their own pros and cons, but all with the goal of distributing water throughout crops consistently to ensure the maximum yield.

  • Check Basin Method. The field is divided into "basins" which are linked by a common flow-way, a little bit like a drain pipe (this is known as the Dhora). The main source of water is located at the highest point, and the Dhora allows the water to flow down and be dispersed between the basins.
  • Furrow Irrigation Method. This approach is used for crops that are grown in rows. Alongside the rows are furrows which carry water to irrigate the crops. This is a labour saving method as once the furrows have been filled, a second manual watering is not required.
  • Strip Irrigation Method. Fields are divided in strips of different sizes, separated by a boundary known as a 'med'. Strips are built according to the slope, and, like with the check basin method, the source of water is always at the highest point, from where the flow of water can spread to the whole field. 

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