How much does a quarter of a gram weigh?


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.25 grams

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A quarter of a gram written as a decimal figure is indeed 0.25g. But as a weight, a quarter of a gram can be expressed in other ways, such as a fraction (1/4g) - although the decimal method is used more often.

Grams are part of the metric system of weighing, used mostly in Europe. The United States still uses the older imperial systems of measurements, such as miles, feet and inches in measuring distance, and gallons in measuring volume.

We can therefore convert 0.25g into an imperial measurement. Such a small weight would be measured by ounces in the imperial system. The calculation to do so is as follows:

(amount in grams) x 0.035274 = equivalent weight in ounces

In this instance:

0.25g x 0.035274 = 0.0088185 ounces, rounded up to 6 decimal places.

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