What Does Phylum Mean?


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The word phylum is the singular form of the word phyla. The word phylum is defined as a major group within a kingdom. The members of a phylum share a common structure and organisation. The word phylum is a taxon. It is used in the scientific classification of life. The word phyla are derived from the Greek word phylai. The word phylai is defined as a set of clan-based voting groups from the city-states of ancient Greece.

Phyla represent the largest groups of animals and other living organisms which are generally accepted with their own sets of evolutionary traits. The phylum is the second level of organisation or taxon for the scientific classification of all the forms of life. It follows the kingdom (which is the first level of organisation) and precedes the class (which is the third level of organisation). The levels of organisation are kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species and subspecies
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