Why do we ask questions if we do not always get an answer?


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Because you're hoping someone will answer. Most of the time, someone will. I answer things that I have knowledge of. Keep trying.

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HelpStop AnimalAbuse
Rooster,It's HelpStopAnimalAbuse from Ask.com,sorry to bother yo, i have 2 questions. First a lot of people at Ask.com are asking me if i can continue posting my riddles/brain teasers here. Ancient Hippy says you are a Mod. I have almost 800 followers & i think the riddles would bring in a lot of people from Ask.com to Bluetit,so could you please let me if i can post them please.

The second question is When you view a question you want to Ask, How do you reply to it? I can't see any "Answer" button anywhere,so how do you answer a question?..Thanks,Stuart.

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