Do Fraternal Twins Have The Same DNA?


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No they do not .Fraternal twins are just like any other siblings that are conceived as a singleton and they will share on average 50 per cent of genes as any full siblings do.  Fraternals come from two separate ova and two separate sperm . It is identicals that share the same D N A as they are natures clones and arise from one fertilised ovum which splits into two.
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That was really a good break down on twin dna. I have a set of fraternal twins and have had to explain serveral times through the years, they are 30 now.
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Thanks cspook, I cannot believe the ignorance re twinning, perpetuated in magazines and such. Take a break mag. Letter from great aunt of (obviously) fraternals, one blonde, blue eyed. I dark eyes/hair, different looks etc ,enc. Photo. Aunt wrote these are my great neices and went on to explain their differences and ended up writing "the thing is theyre twins! Does anyone else know twins like these?. So silly and uneducated ,the magazine should know better than to print such trash. It is bad!

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