I am Indian and I feel terribly shy around white guys (I'm studying at a UK university). I am generally shy around men but around white men it's really bad. I keep feeling that they are not going to be interested in me because of my skin colour. What do I do?


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Kara Marie answered

Try my strategy: In a nervous social situation, be interested in the other person. Make the focus be on learning a little more about them by asking a few questions (just not too personal!), and get them talking about themselves.  It works because it takes the overwhelming attention off you, and "gives them the microphone". Plus it gives them a little ego boost that someone finds them interesting. When the time comes that you have the "microphone", you'll probably be more relaxed.

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Northern Oracle , See people.... not colour, answered

The UK is hugely diverse and liberal, you need to be yourself in every situation. Treat the white guys you meet the same as you would anybody. Personal preference will always be a factor, the same way you dislike certain types of people. Just let your true self shine, use your humour and individuality and let people see who you are. Your skin colour is not the factor here, maybe it is you that notices that you are talking to different ethnicities, the guys you are talking to may well just see a pretty young woman who is a little shy. Stay true to yourself and relax

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Oh dear, why are you so uncomfortable, the ones you are afraid of are probably intimidated by you. Just find something you have in common and focus on that. Start talking to them about things they like, football or whatever and you might find a common ground instead of focusing on your differences.

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