How do bacteria help change milk into yogurt?


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Bacteria helps to change milk into yogurt through fermentation.  The bacteria ferments the lactose in milk, producing lactic acid, which in turn reacts with the milk and changes its texture and taste.

The history of yogurt

  • Yogurt was originally used as a way of storing milk in warm climates.  It's unknown whether the first creation of yogurt was intentional, or whether bacteria was added to milk by mistake.
  • The popularity of yogurt increased around the globe when people heard of its health benefits.
  • Over time, other ingredients were added to yogurt such as fruit and flavourings.
  • Yogurt is full of "good bacteria" which assists in developing a healthy gut.  Unfortunately, it's debatable whether the good bacteria survives the digestion process in order to do its job.  This is why probiotic capsules are often favourable. 

Here's an awesome video showing you how to make home made yogurt:

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