When You Are Hungry, Why Does Your Stomach Rumble?


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Although this is a common enough phenomenon, does anyone know that the growling has a medical term to describe it? The term is 'borboygmus', and it is caused by the moving gas within your intestine, when the stomach acids try to act on the non-existent food inside your stomach! This makes the growling sound from your stomach, and amazingly enough, it does not mean that you are feeling hungry! Instead, it means that your body now lacks the sufficient nutrients it needs in order to function at its optimum best. The brain would have supplied this valuable information to the stomach and to the intestines, and when they receive the message, then, hey presto, you have borboygmus! The next time you feel hungry, tell your friends that you have borboygmus, and see what they have to say!
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Your brain knows you need to eat.

So it triggers the release of hormones and other chemicals which make the muscles in your stomach spasm.

These chemicals also make the stomach release acids and other digestive fluids.

The rumbling is literally the sound of these acids being swished around, and by air pockets being released as they move around, as the unsettled (hungry) stomach muscles keep twitching.

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