Can someone live without a brain?


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Godddd, Megan do you ever think the answers to your questions yourself!

Noooo! No one can live without a brain, even if your living in the Stone Age  you still have brain and need it but It completely depends on you if you wanna use it or not!

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Scientists have proven that human beings can live with half of a brain.
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well no being exist without a brain so....its no use debating on this!
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I get it. I was just advising not to waste energy! Remember its precious! ;)
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Medically, someone can still be considered alive even without a brain - although as you can imagine, this is not much of a life!

Someone who didn't have a brain would be living in a permanent vegetive state.

In addition, they wouldn't be able to feed without the help of medical equipment, and certainly wouldn't be able to communicate.

Even breathing would be impossible without the help of breathing apparatus.

Therapists would also need to frequently stimulate the individual's muscles as, without movement, muscles would atrophy and waste away.

However, despite all that, it is technically possible for a human to remain alive without a brain thanks to modern technology.

A young boy from Louisiana proved that when he was born without a brain, and managed to survive for 12 years in that state.

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