What's the worst weather you've ever been in?


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Cyber Tooth Tiger Profile

Feb 5, 2010 in State of Pennsylvania , It started light snowing out
and within time it got heavier by 9: 40 p.m. That evening we had no   electric ..We were without it to Sunday afternoon Feb 7th it was horrible

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Lard Ass answered

The other day and tomorrow! It's been extremely cold, and the most snow we've had in many years. Rivers are frozen that haven't been frozen for 20 years!

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Nice Girl answered

It was when I was in 5th grade when my class was walking or should I say going down a slippery hill and it was raining too, very badly!  I was so scared!

otis otiscambell Profile

Tropical storm Claudette 1980 and hurricane Alicia 1983

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Sheldon Cooper answered

A few years ago, it snowed almost 3 feet.  5 days later it snowed over 3 feet. First time I ever had to shovel my roof ...

But I enjoyed it the best I could ,

Sledding, snow men, built a cool iglo.

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Oklahoma, United States

I HATE the heat. Anything above 20.0 is too hot for me! >.>

I know, most people expect snowstorms, typhoons, and the like. Not here.

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Kk polly answered

When I was little, my mom was driving me home in a hail storm. It was kind of cool though. ;)

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PJ Stein answered

A tornado. I was driving after dark in KY, and the wind and the rain were so bad I couldn't see 5 feet in front of me and I didn't dare stop. I followed the white line on the edge of the road and kept moving down the interstate at about 15-20 miles and hour. My SUV was rocking back and forth from the wind. I finally broke from that and got off at the first exit that had a gas station. 

I went inside to use the bathroom and they had the news on. It was reporting about a tornado that had just crossed over where I was. On my return trip a week or so later you could see the trees stripped across the highway where I had been driving.

I got a smart phone after that trip and downloaded a weather alert app. I don't ever want to do that again!

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Cal Sullivan answered

A hurricane. I lived in Virginia Beach for a long time and there was plenty of times we got hit directly. I'm also a storm chaser (hobby).

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Dae-Ho Park answered

I was in the middle of a hurricane ...... But I was far from California. I have no idea where I was but it wasn't Hurricane Katrina. I was actually in Florida. I was in the middle of Hurricane Matthew. It was a disaster.

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