What will happen if we keep damaging the ozone layer?


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It sure is scary to think about. I would imagine that the sun will get hotter and hotter to the point where we will not be able to venture outside. The UV rays would be astronomical and no amount of sunscreen would ever help. They say that the ice in Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate because of the increase in temperature and that will eventually push the sea levels up. Not a very favorable outlook if we don't try and stop it.

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The problem is not with the sun getting hotter (although It probably will do as a consequence of the unrelated "greenhouse effect|") The real problem is, as you say, unfiltered UV hitting the Earth. Skin cancer is already on the increase in Southern Australia, despite an aggressive public awareness campaign. Fortunately, it does appear that the ozone layer is "repairing" - it is a slow process though, and the risk will be there for years.
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And I agree, the unrelated "greenhouse effect" is probably the greatest threat to mankind right now.

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