What's the best natural home remedy for mosquito repellant?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Here's two sites that have a home recipe for a spray :

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away - Nature and Environment ...


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Nestor Stark answered

Old Home Remedy: Dab at the bite with common household amonia. I use an old liquid shoe polish applicator or bingo card marker, (Keep tightly capped when not in use). A daub or two on an itchy sting will usually kill the itch.

Also - eating raw garlic 4 - 8 hours before you go out helps your body exude a natural mosquito repellant, ( as long as you keep eating a little each day to "re-charge" your body's garlic supply. Wear light , (white) clothes as opposed to dark clothes. Stay in the open and away from bushes,. Trees, and shady covered areas. If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cure for the common problems . Then visit  the hundreds of Natural home remedies you get instant of knowledge.

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