Does evolution explain human nature?


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To a great degree, but one must remember that genes, the hard inheritance of evolution, express themselves against the environment they are in.

For instance, the nature of extroverts is well accepted in our environment, the West, but in the cultural environment of Japan a constraint is placed on the extremes of extroversion.

Some things are quite the same though. The Yanomami find women of our culture who are attractive, atractive, and the converse is also true. 

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Yes, absolutely.  But we can choose to override human nature, such are the capabilities of our highly evolved brains and resulting intellect.  There things which served us well a million years ago, like distrusting people who do not look our particular group.  That was a survival skill we learned through evolution.  While vestiges of that behavior still exist, like our vestigial tails, we have learned (or are learning) that inter-group cooperation is also beneficial to survival in the world as it exists now.

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I'd  say yes it does.

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