Why do farts smell..? And why do people treat farting as a bad and gross thing?


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So that deaf people can enjoy them too.

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Thanks, Angela. :)
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Haha! That's great, I never would have though of that. Two thumbs up!
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Farts smell because of the Gastric juices in the lower intestinal lower bowels. When someone farts the louder the fart is caused by the tighter glute (Bum) muscles.

"the thought that loud farts are because of Fat People" is not true.!
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As some foods break down they can release gases like methane, which smells. You fart to release the gas. People treat it badly because no one likes to smell them.

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1) Because it comes out of your a**

2) Because they smell.

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I see you found your way from ASK to Blurtit. 

Maybe here... You will finally find an answer to all your fart and burp questions.

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First gas comes from deep inside where all things stink and recent research found that smelling gas can actually cure some cancers, that is if the smell doesn't kill you first and some peoples gas should be used as WMDs in wars. What a question to ask on Fathers Day!

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