If you could dis-invent something, what would it be ?


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Water in plastic bottles. A bane of the Earth. 

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Autotune. I think if someone is going to make a ton of money singing, they should actually be able to sing.

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Jaimie  JT
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I agree :) thanks gator blue ... But we wouldn't have Katey perry or Brittany without auto tune ;) what a loss:p
Matt Radiance
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Anytime "Autotune" topic comes on, I get the feeling to mention the "Measure" from it. I have the high respect for you & i won't say singers won't use autotune, But mostly, Autotune became a hallucination for people, It came normal to everyone with every simple outlook comes & say "Yea that singer use autotune look at him/her, how they sing) The "Measure" of judging autotune are so important, Some people judge with being completely out of knowledge about it, There's recorded song & Live show, There's some realistic measure to judge it like "yea they do that"
Some people see a live show & they expect the voice sound exactly like recording, that is kind of impossible, not always that can happens,
1.In a live show,Wind & crowds voices involves,
2. In a live show the tune of instruments even gets to be different.
3.In a live show,The heart,blood & adrenaline rates become different for show players, That's why there's few different drinks for each member, one is water, & others are sugar mixes & some energy powders & body balancing drinks,To relief the stress,enthusiasm & excitement that the member receive by the show & crowd. All that impress the the original voice in recording.
So many other measures . . .
Too many people don't even attention on any of it, & they simply just judge a singer with knowing how it even works.
Matt Radiance
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without knowing how it even works!
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I nominate "automatic vehicle headlights" to be un-invented. Honestly, I don't see the point of them. Is it really that hard to turn the knob to the on position? My Acura has these and I never use them. Good luck to you.

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Splitting the atom

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The oven!!!!! LOL!

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Jaimie  JT
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Lol yin !!! Double lol for oven and I'm kinda intoxicated right now so I thought... Omg did I ask a question and forget ? Then I saw was old as' one. Yay !!!! :)
Yin And Yang
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LOLOLOLOL! Jaimie! :0)
Dance one on the table for me!!!
Yin And Yang
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Barb, I completely understand. O_O
I had an oven that I turned on and when I opened the oven door fire shot out at me! I screamed for my oldest to grab her sister and get out of the apartment immediately and go to the managers office..... while I shut off the gas. Theb I ran out of there. It is so amazing because I always "worried" what would I do if there was a fire bla bla bla my pictures, treasures, sentimental things I collected! Bla bla bla.... boy when I thought the place would catch on fire, the ONLY thing that crossed my mind was my kids to get out! The manager came right over and she got me a new stove the next day. She wasn't about to turn it back on to see what happened. She just saw how terrified I was at what I saw....... BOY I HATE COOKING! LOLOLOLOLOL!
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Country music.....my ears my ears.

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Lard Ass
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No worries Tiger!
@Hippy...I can't say I've ever enjoyed it!
Ancient Hippy
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Me neither.
Yin And Yang
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You know what happens when you play country music backwards right.........? You get your wife back, you get your house back, you get your truck back, you get your dog back! LOLOLOLOLOL!
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Lol :) I don't think I asked this question so none of this makes any sence :p also I'm a dapper rapper ... I rap into my tooth brush infront of the mirror... I like it !!!! :)

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