If someone was to talk about God all the time wouldn't it aggervate you?


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Yes, but that person might be very religious. Be straight to the point but as subtle as you can. Let them know that there are things happening in your life other than hearing about God.

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Frederick Fisk answered

Fanatism is always aggravating. And, to be honest, it ain't about religion, but about talking about ONE thing all the time. That's truly awful.

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Luke Reine answered

Yeah, given the fact that I'm not a Christian, it'd make me pretty mad. Actually, any of talking about the same thing all the time would bug me.

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Danae Hitch answered

It does get very aggravating when someone doesn't read cues and body language from the person they are talking to that they are simply not interested. 

It makes it worse when someone is talking about God because everyone has their own opinion, just as they have their own opinion about religion and politics. What a great question you have asked!

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