Do you think it's possible that there is a prehistoric "Lost World" under Antarctica?


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If you mean under the continent, I cannot say. If you mean under the ice, I would have to say no. It looks like volcanic lava with ice on top, no soil to speak of. 

No growth  of any kind. (this is my observation of a small part, not the whole land mass. There could be in other parts)

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Maurice Korvo
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That is a possibility, but the life would be so different. Temperatures are so low. While we were there, in the middle of summer (Dec/Jan) I never saw the temperature above 3C (35F) and at night it got cold again. Penguins liked it though :)
Rooster Cogburn
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That's what I read about. All the undiscovered possible life forms.
Maurice Korvo
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Thinking about it, ice is a great insulator, and if there was a hot spring, or something similar under there, the possibilities are endless. No plant life as we know it (due to no light) but they keep finding new life in the dark depths of the oceans, so why not. (A new idea for a book :) )
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We are discovering new things everyday. We still don't know that much about our own ocean life and haven't figured out other mysteries with lost or destroyed civilizations. I think that there is a possibility that there is a lost world (human or nonhuman) under Antarctica. Best of luck to you.

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