What is the best place to visit in Asia?


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I personally enjoy Bangkok, Thailand the most. Not a bad place to live out old age.  Puttaya for crazy nights out.

Vietnam is also a good option. My favorite city of them all has to be Hoi An. Saigon, Da Nang, and Hue are also must visits. A scenic place to relax is Ha Long Bay up in the north.

All these places have great food, but for some reason I always crave for Hong Kong. Amazing fine dining, world class Dim Sum, and lobster noodles... The lobster noodles.

And yeah there's South Korea and Japan. Unless there's something you particularly enjoy, the novelty dies off after awhile. Just another industralized country. Had the "World's Best Sushi" in Tokyo, would definitely go again for $300.

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Mount Fuji, Japan, if you are a mountaineer

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There are several countries for visiting in Asia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Cambodia which is a small country, but there is a famous temple worth to visit.

Anyway, the best I like is Thailand and Vietnam, as their currency is small then for shopping and going to restaurants are worth doing.

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Luang Prabang is an elegant town and one all told my most required places in zone as it is a nature connectedness place, inaddition having spent a month going from Si Phan Don the outlet to Luang Nahmtha I would wish to specify the premier charming spots in Laos are solely North of Luang Prabang, around four hours north to be right. Starting from Nong Khiaw with its 100 waterfalls, past Muang Ngoi considerably an excellent deal of remote up north.On the off probability that you simply go there, you will not miss aiming to Kuang Si Falls and Namkhan Eco Farm, it's surprisingly obstructed and the whole price it! Monumental falls with a couple of levels of water where you'll need the capability to swim or bounce from tree limbs. The shade of water is in this manner blue like in a passing narration. Luang Prabang on the contrary hand, with its mix of provincial and native set up, and traditional sights is probably the chief went to place there, for a mean reason.

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