What are ways I can keep cool? It's 103 degree here in TX?


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It's only 3°C where I am. I'll email you a blast of cold air.

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otis otiscambell
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I need something
Didge Doo
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Ah well, you know what General Sheridan said about Hell and Texas...

But Fall is just around the corner so cooler days are coming. I don't envy you the heat.
Nov Noveltman
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According to the weather shaman up here (shamen? shamans?), we have less than a week until 20 deg C temperatures return.
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Eat ice cream

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In the summer here, it gets to over 105°F, and really humid, so on those days, i lie under the fan reading or watching movies all day

Also, popsicles and ice-cream helps a lot!

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