What is your biggest fear?


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Rooster Cogburn , r, answered

I don't think I have a biggest fear anymore. Most of my fear was used up over 40 years ago on a constant day to day basis, so fear now, is the least of my concerns.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Mine would have to be ending back up in a POW or a FEMA Concentration Camp again.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Rath Keale
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Arthur, Pierre Elliot Trudeau would be proud and amazed by you. You have good genes. I'm glad that ambulance came for you. On days I've broken rules I figured there were just too many rules anyway. I'm a high school teacher. All my classes are with (bad) behavior teens. I hope you are doing well now and that your government has provided you with adequate medical care.
Arthur Wright
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I admire you for having the worlds toughest job as a High School Teacher. I used to fill in as a part time College Prof and that was enough for me, and thank you for the kind words and one correction, I was flying a Medavac Helicopter that morning we were shot down, so no rescue mission came as we weren't over due except the North Vietnamese Army
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Don Barzini answered

It would take having fear to have a greatest fear. After what I've seen in this life, I have only concerns now. If I have to put a finger on my greatest concern, it would be what we are doing to this world... That it may not be as great a place for my grandkids to live in.

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Losing an immediate family member!

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Gokula krishnan answered

My biggest fear is "one day humans would destroy everything in this world  and leave us with nothing " .

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Didge Doo answered

At my age there's always the fear that I will wake up one morning only too discover that I died during the night. It's OK, It's already Sunday in Australia so I've survived another one.

Now let's see about Monday. >:-)

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Rath Keale
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That would be a terrible realization, Dozy. Not just for you.
Didge Doo
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Harder on Mrs Didge. She's already had a preview -- came out one morning and found me passed out on the floor. And, no, I hadn't been drinking.

Still, I didn't intend that it should be taken seriously. :)
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Rath Keale answered

What I fear the most is that when I'm at a supermarket in the produce department, a GIGANTIC JUMPING SPIDER (the size of a dinner plate) will watch for me.  It will wait until I'm about six feet away and then jump on me and try to kill me right there in the store.  Bystanders will be so shocked and frightened that they will just stand there while the spider kills me and rips out my guts.  I feel better getting this off my chest 

No.. I don't eat bananas.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

My greatest fear would probably be losing my wife. And this thing....

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Rath Keale
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Yes she would. She has her own terrorist activities happening. Don't be fooled by that pretty face -- that perpetually sharpened beak. Those talons get itchy for guts.
Rath Keale
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And I'm not joining your s_______d group. Happy used to be a good person. Now she's just plain bad.
Claire MotherofPetey
Bad to the bone‼️
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Matt Radiance answered

To be honest i don't really know!! This is something i didn't faced it much!  I've experienced pretty difficult pressures & stuff in my life but I never feared of it or consider it as a title before it happens, then I never feared of common things like death or god. I do find fear but i don't know about my biggest fear & i'm not really sure if I have one I hope I don't sound like a psycho!

It happens sometimes that i fear about the unknown of "what if" like what if that happens . . & these "what if" which is key of fail, sometimes get over me & yea it create such a panic into me but I also remember when I was a kid, I had that biggest fear, every time my parents left the house or the car & I was alone, I had this fear that they going to leave me & never go back.

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Rath Keale
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Matt, I'm much like you. Outside of giant jumping spiders trying to kill me, I couldn't think of a fear. I expect that if I stay out of the tropics, I'll be fine. As a Canadian, this is too hard to do.
Matt Radiance
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I feel ya! good we have another mutual understanding! :)
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Pepper pot answered

Being completely paralysed, going blind, prolonged suffering, losing a loved one, a global crisis.

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Claire MotherofPetey
But if you picked 1....?
Pepper pot
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I laid them out that way because they are not much different. I mean if you could get through the grief of losing a loved one that changes your world, well then suffering is torture, so would be being paralysed ie trapped in your own body, and completely dependent on others. I've experience temporary blurred vision with accompanying balance problems and after suffering chronic pain for years, with that on top? It would be a poor quality of life. Then thinking if a global crisis, say a financial breakdown with all systems shut down, chaos, fighting over food, medical supplys, clean water. So my answer was not without thought hence I put them all.
Claire MotherofPetey
I agree with your list.
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Its August and my biggest fear is that my air conditioning will go out.

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Claire MotherofPetey
18 days!!!! That's extreme. I would have PTSD after that. We lost power for 3 days once. By day 2
I was crying.
Rath Keale
Rath Keale commented
How did people manage 100 years ago? I couldn't go without air conditioning and I live in Canada!
Claire MotherofPetey
I remember when we didn't have air conditioning in the public schools in Texas. I sat in pools of sweat. Thank God they had it when I started teaching.

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