Do any of you people live where it snows a lot and you have to live in it? Isn't it kind of a pain to deal with or do you like it?


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We get snow every winter. Sometimes it's only an inch and sometimes it's a foot or more. I love it, it's a nice change and makes me appreciate the warmer weather when it gets here. When you wake up in the morning after a snowfall, everything looks bright and clean, it's very quiet and soothing. THEN, you realize that the driveway and walks have to be shoveled and you start to curse the darn white stuff.

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The past 2 winters we've had a lot of snow (for Louisville) and seems this coming winter is expected to be at least as much snow. I love living where there are actual "seasons".  I admit, the past 2 winters when we had temps in single digits or teens it gets to be a bit much.

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Noooo...I don't like it! It's cold, it's wet, and I gotta scrape it off the've gotta HAVE a truck....gets your feet wet even if you have good boots.....the hills look like hills with sticks and toothpicks which gets old real quick....sure it's pretty, but I get over that quickly!

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Well, two years ago, before my 98 Nissan was murdered, I actually cracked the front bumper after I ran into a small snow bank trying to get into my works parking lot. We got alot of snow and ice during the Polar Vortex. The last snow we got, dubbed the Snowpocalypse, we had quite a bit of snow and ice. This year we are expecting an even worse winter storm. Best of luck to you!

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Winter is one of my favorite seasons. The fresh clean snow. Brisk cold air to breath. The beauty that is evident everywhere. Skiing, skating, sledding.. These are all part of winter. True I have to shovel the driveway and sidewalk, but after a new snow, what is an hour of work? Especially when I know there will be a hot drink or meal waiting when I go back in the house.  Temperature.. After the first two or three weeks you become acclimatized and -15C (+5F) is a warm day. Just need a light jacket and hat.

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I no longer live where there is snow and ice. We get a little frost from time to time. I was however was born in such a place, during such a storm. My parents actually followed the snow plow to get to the hospital when it was time for me come. The first 8 years of my I didn't have a birthday party because it was always snowing. My parents moved us to Florida before my 9th birthday. I did move out of Florida in 1999, and spent the next 15 years moving about. I spent every winter shoveling some snow. Before I moved back to Florida last year I sold my snow shovels and threw in the ice scrapers as a bonus!

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I live where its winter basically 8 months out of the year. I hate it. But, free healthcare :D

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Usually maybe a dusting or two.  Every few years we will get a foot or so and the whole county comes apart.  Trees and power lines down everywhere.  People think they can drive in the snow (but can't).  As a result, the roads are all lined with stuck automobiles, and those of us with 4x4 and snow driving skills have to weave in and out of them to go anywhere.  Retired now, good wood srtove - let it snow! 

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Yeah, I was born and raised in soCal, and spent the last year in Washington DC. DC is a phenomenal city, just freezing cold in the winter ! It's a lot of fun when you are young, but you can't spend the rest of your life on the east coast because of the freezing weather. I always wondered why NYC has so many people, when it is so cold there. Hell, there are even celebrities who choose to live there, even though Hollywood is in LA.

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