Why do people bite their lip?


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Matt Radiance answered

Several reasons:

-Sign of thinking (Some people do it automatically while they are thinking deeply)

-Sign of stress & fear (some people do it automatically in stress times just like tabbing foots on the ground ect . . )

-People also do that for posing in shooting pictures ect . .

-Just a wrong habit (some people do that as they don't know why or how it happened, they just got used to doing it!)

-Some people doing it for gaining focus (just like chewing gum which gives some people focus ect. . .)

-Some people do it automatically during intercourse for releasing their emotions.

-Some people do it for emptying their anger at the moment so they don't ignite their anger out.

-Some people also do it caused by psychological disorders.

ect .  . .

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Roy Lovett answered

I think it's hot too. Lol.

I bite my lip when I'm bored :p

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