Thinking about how many people think we all have Lions and Elephants in our back yards or as pets here in South Africa, What are some of the most common misconceptions foreigners tend to have about your country?


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I've had a few foreigners tell me, when they met me, that they thought that Americans were all fat and lazy and didn't care about anyone else. I'm glad I was able to change their minds. Sooo... If I come visit, may I pet your lion? ;)

Best of luck to you!

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There's multiple stereotypes about the country I live in, I find them quite humorous I like to imagine that they're  true creating a hypothetical England in which England has the worst dentist industry in the world , the only liquid consumed is tea it's literally on tap and in an anomaly tea replaced all liquids found in English people, the only mode of transportation is a black taxi, that every single child is ever a chimney sweeper or a poor sickly orphan.  

Everyone speaks in a cockney accent everyone even those that don't live in the south area , every time someone agrees on something it must be followed by the phrase indubitably or smashing, that England eternally stays in the industrial revolution era and finally that the queen is an immortal whose presence is very much deity like to all of the population.

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I live in England, and the stereotypes are that we basically worship the royal family, thats its always cold and rainy, we're all either really posh and have super-fake accents or have very strong cockney accents (I've never heard one in my life other than people doing impressions of it) and basically that we're old-fashioned especially when it comes to technology.

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That it is a beautiful tropical island chain (Maldives)

They never leave the resorts so they cant  see the actual dirtiness of the real islands

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((Some)) people from middle East think Americans or even Europeans are running around naked & love to be naked (because they wear hijab & we don't) (and we wear different appropriates cloths for different places & we have beaches so) & they think, we sleep together all the way, like  all the women & man sleep together without any promise with anyone (because we don't control our girls the way they do as their religion says) they think U.S is a country that you can beep girls around the street & attempt to sleep with them (because the humanity comfort we have in our behaves, like, clothing, shaking hands, & the whole culture thing, makes them this misconception that we have no respect & rule in our social lives, in compare of themselves that they put their females in so many closed attitude-terms to live in) then they think we don't wash ourselves, because we don't use water to wash ourselves in the bedroom, (but we use Anti-bacterial toilet paper that created by passing so many healthcare lasers that cope with human skin & the paper has layers with water-liquid all over it as well) but they don't know it, cause actually the toilet paper that produce  in their countries are normal sheet papers (but it produce in the name of toilet paper) & only they use to dry themselves with it (so they think that's what a toilet paper really do), there's no antibacterial thing, so they imagine, we doing our stuff wrongly & we're dirty )cause we use toilet paper & no water!  Also they think we are sinners cause we don't believe the way they do. (omg we see girl's butt on the beach! ) or we have so many varied religions here that been accepted like Atheists, (but in Middle east you can't choose any religion expect Islam, you can be an Atheist but only in your heart, when you filling out different formal paper forms, your religion gonna be asked , & you"have" to write Muslim or you'll be in trouble.

it's a laughable  group of misconception by directly & indirectly that i faced them by "some" Middle Eastern people & it's a heck lack of the knowledge.

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I have a friend that married a man in Peru. She brought him to the U.S. for a visit and to introduce him to the family and our customs. He was amazed that the streets weren't lined with gold and that we actually socialized with each other. He thought we all just stayed in our houses, counted our money, ate like hogs and waxed our expensive cars. While here, no matter who's house he was visiting, he always asked to take a shower. Running water was unheard of in his village.

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Wow, that's tough Tiger. Must have been some massive battles for bathing time.
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Cheeze, what a pain in the neck. My water was off for 2 days last summer, we had a water main break. I went to live with my kids until it was back on. We take so much for granted.
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Having visited many countries I was always amazed that many folks truly believe all (I don't believe all equates to most) Americans carry side arms and have rifles hanging behind them in their trucks. In several countries the local governments actually support that misconception to deter their citizens from traveling to the US. In one country I was told by a high ranking military official that the reason the US has never been invaded by a foreign country is because the number of weapons in the hands of citizens.

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Canada : Most of us don't live in igloos or even have the faintest idea of how to build one. The majority of our land mass is not always snowbound... We enjoy summers with green grass too.

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Being from South Africa, maybe you could explain what Apartheid means, and how it has affected you?

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Apartheid was basically racial segregation. People of different race had to walk on opposite sides of the road. There were designated white only and black only zones. It was a rather sad time in our history. Though it's happened all over. We just gave ours a name. I was born in 1991 so I never really experienced Apartheid first hand as it was abolished in 1994. but a lot of the youth still carry grudges for there forefathers and that is why racism is still so rife here. But most of us have moved onward and upward and we harbor good relationships now. One thing though is that the apartheid government understood how to run a country (even though they went about it in the wrong way completely) but our new government has caused a literal plummet in unemployment and general wellbeing. It feels as though our country is poorer now than before :(
Don't get me wrong I love my country but my government is not helping it's people like it should

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