What body shape is it if a woman has average breasts, average waist, and wide hips and butt considered apple, ruler, pear, hourglass or inverted triangle body shape?


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Your body shape is what it is.....please don't label yourself or others for that matter. People are all different, it makes life interesting, if everyone was the same, sheesh, talk about boring! Accept yourself for who you are, if others don't like it......they don't have to look!

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First this question displays a borderline misogynistic attitude with a strong tendency to objectify females.  Getting off my soap box, the question as presented cannot be answered.  It does not provide sufficient information to provide a good answer. 

In what area of the world are you interested in the information?  What is the age group for the females in question?  What culture are the women part of?  And you might provide socio-economic status of the females in question.

The typical body shape of a female (or male for that matter) depends largely upon age, diet, and degree of physical activity. 

Genetics actually play only a minor factor in determining average body configuration/shape.  It will affect height and where the body tends to deposit adipose tissue but those are not factors in your question.  Diet and exercise will over-rule  genetics every time for this question.  Age is a major factor in that it affects how long the individual has been subjected to the tendency to deposit fat tissue and the type of fat tissue likely to be most prevalent in an individual.

In areas where people tend to do a lot of strenuous physical labor people will tend to be thinner and more muscular often with long lean muscles as seen on athletes.  This is especially true for the children, teenagers, and adults up to middle age.  After that point due to hormonal changes they will generally tend to become less active resulting in increased deposition of adipose tissue through out the body.  For males this deposition often starts at the waist and slowly spreading to the legs then up towards the chest and arms.  For females this usually begins at the hips, thighs, and breasts then spreads to waist, arms, and other areas.

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I would consider that a ruler

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And from another site:  The vital statistics of what was once considered to be the perfect figure of 36/24/36 are what the hourglass ladies are about. The credentials can be larger or smaller, but by comparison the waist will always be around 9″ smaller than the bust giving that very curvaceous figure.

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It's okay. I also have another prob with my body too. I have a skinny waist but large muscular like legs that look really bad on me and now, I can just be proud to be me so you should be proud of your body too. I mean, some celebrities might even have a body shape that just doesnt look right too.

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