What Would You Do If You Could Time Travel?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Travel back to the Roaring 20's and have a ball ! The cars, the clubs, the cloths, the broads ! LOL. Great time to live !

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I don't think I would ever even want to do that ... For fear of changing the course of history. Time is a stamp .. Even the smallest increment of time has a longterm affect.

For example  ... If you were to go back in time .. And change any singular event which could plausibly happen just by your taking up the space in that moment, that could cause something to happen differently than it did in the actual past.  Like, something so simplistic that it would hardly even be notable .. Like your presence that may cause someone a to be delayed a moment later or arrive earlier while crossing the street. You know, that person that (in the actual) past may have missed the bus or just about missed the bus (OR even been hit by that bus, or narrowly missed being hit by that bus) .. Would have their (and everyone around them, especially their loved ones) entire course in life changed because they now, have done the opposite of what had previously transpired.  And every subsequent event (no matter how minuscule) in their lives would take a different course .. Which could plausibly change the course of the lives and events throughout their entire lifetime and also change anyone and everything they had previously come in contact with ... Causing a ripple effect.

Doing that may change the entire course of history .. Sometimes, for  the better perhaps.. But, it could also be for the worse .. No one could ever know.

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