What Are The Summer Months In England?


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  • Seasonally the summer Months for England are officially June, July and August. Meteorological theory states that summer is the season with the longest and hottest day of the year. Therefore many in the United Kingdom view summer as reaching from the middle of May through to mid-August.
  • The longest day of the year, also known as the Summer Solstice, is on the 21st June. It occurs when the sun is at its most northerly point. Summer is the warmest of the four seasons, which also include spring, autumn and winter.
  • When it is seasonally summer in countries of the northern hemisphere, the countries of the southern hemisphere will have the opposite season. Therefore when it is summer in England, it will conversely be winter in Australia. Daylight saving time (DST) is used in England to allow more hours of daylight in the afternoon and less in the morning. Technically DST works by temporarily advancing a clock at the start of spring, while the clock will be put back in autumn.
  • England's summertime is when school children have an extended holiday of around 5-6 weeks. On returning from this break they usually progress to another academic year. School holiday length and dates may vary but they can be found by contacting your local educational authority.
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It starts in june

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