Is or was there a town named streetwood in australia? Im looking for someone but all I remember is part of 20 years old adress. So if yes where exactly is it and if the name changed what's the new name? Thanks for help


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Not that I ever heard of.

I spent almost 30 years working in telecommunications with the Australian Post Office and thought I knew most of the towns, but never that one.

Do you have any other information I could work with?

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The place she moved to had the same street name.
I dont remember the zipcode or her last name ...and my dad said he burned thelittle adressbook she gave me back then. My sister who keeps in touch with the whole family don't even know about her and my uncle who should know doesn't talk to me. My parents always told me she is my aunt ...i just wanna find out why she is so important to me that i even unlocked my dads briefcase just to look at it and take a little peak inside

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