What are facts that shows that politics is a science?


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"Political science" is a misnomer.

While government may well be a science -- for it is the employment of many other disciplines in the management of a country, its people, and its resources -- politics is the manipulation of voters and the party faithful in order to gain public office and, of course, public power.

Politics is the art of skulduggery and scumbaggery; it is the realm of the spin doctor and the manipulator; it is the natural environment of the con man and the liar.

Politics is the control of the many for the benefit of the few. Of course, it's not all bad. Political parties (rather than individual politicians) have to deliver to some extent or they'd never be re-elected, so the the job gets done. More or less.

In my opinion,politics is not a science, it is an art. But, as our mediaeval brethren (and sisthren) would have said, it is one of the dark arts.

(And, although I have mentioned politics only as it applies to professional politicians, the same can be said, though to a lesser extent, about people who apply political methods in achieving their personal agenda, whether that be office, home, or social environment.)

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I think political science is like a lot of the social "sciences".  Long on conjecture and short on science.  At this point, politics is an art. 

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