What is the future like for a wanna be linux kernel dev and security also security algorithms guy?


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Depends where you are.  Any technology company that has a need for an app can use a linux dev.  You just have to see if theres one near you.

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Ajay Kumar
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all i doubt is wil i get a li'l amount of money for such developemnt ,all i see is an open source & free ,how do linux guys even earn for their needs when they do all this for free
Soul Fly
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If you are thinking that a linux dev doesn't get paid because the apps are free you aren't thinking about why they are free. App developers make money from the adds and from your contributions. Open source gives way to premium upgrades and addons, take wordpress as example. A linux dev can work for larger corporations that are in need of such type of services.
Ajay Kumar
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seems like a good idea,i have developed some tiny apps but none of the have gui all are terminal based,i feel home at the black screen and white letters you know ,but the apps people develope at git hub even the terminal ones are so complex,how to get into complex linux app programming ,i tried to search a few books but i saw none,do you recommend any books for linux app developement (i am fine at c,perl,python,bash) ,i want to make apps like music players but when i try searching them i end up with complex source code scripts with dozens of folders and i understand nothing.is there a way that i can learn that kind of app programming (i mean complex)? cz all i can learn are languages how to develope such apps

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