I asked this awhile ago but I'll do it again as peoples minds could've changed, when do you think man kind will make the next big history changing jump, we evolve past what we already are, we colonize in space etc. I get the feeling it'll be soon?


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I personally feel mankind will never go to far beyond what we have already become  but rather regress into a much more primitive society let alone seeing the day where we colonize other planets the world simply has too many problems both big and small and resources are becoming more and more scarce

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Depends what you mean by soon. In my lifetime? No! But you're only 15 and you may well see it happen.

There was a news item only last night about a drive to recruit astronauts to go to Mars but it was unclear whether they would return, or if they would stay there.

Colonise the planet? It'd be enormously expensive but perhaps it could be done. One of the sci-fi writers (it might have been Larry Niven) once claimed that Venus itself could be terraformed for the cost of a medium sized war.

I'm never going to know, of course, but it's fascinating to let the imagination run with it. Let's face it, in my own childhood the idea of putting a man on the moon was so fanciful that the average person never thought it was possible.

Of course, that achievement was a shock to the Hindus. One Hindu holy man was only half-joking when he deplored the idea of "American boots on the face of the god."

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