Strengths and weaknesses of the evolution theory?


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It's strength is that its almost impossible to disprove(Since its a fact). The weakness of evolution is that many people falsely associate it with Social Darwinism. Also its so complex that people who refuse to accept the theory can simply make up stuff like "if we came from monkeys why are monkeys still alive?!?" and then use such quotes as "proof" to defy evolution.

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The strength is that it is confirmed by a wide variety of disciplines independently.  Geologists confirm that environments change over time.  Natural scientist (or even casual observers) note that living things are adapted for their environment.  Biochemists discovered the mechanism (DNA) through which variation occurs and is passed down to offspring.  Paleontologists observe that species arise and disappear through time and not all forms existed at the same time.

There isn't really a weakness.  There are areas where more study is needed and being done.  There aren't too many topics in the world where everything is fully understood.

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It goes against the natural of things that we see everyday. Throughout the universe we see order, and where there is order there are laws, and where there are laws there is a lawgiver. If you want an answer to why you are here, you look past the how you got here question. It's like orphans, some want to know their birth parents, others could care less. Both sides seem quite content with their position. I guess it all depends on what you want in the the way getting a satisfying answer to your question.

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Actually I don't see much of an order in the environment. Evolution goes great with nature's "kill or be killed" persona.
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I must refuse to answer this obvious creationist question.

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