How do I write an acrostic for hydrology?


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Just find words on the topic and arrange them.



..water Distribution

....wateR cycles




..drainaGe and more, to inform

.....policY and planning

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Didge Doo answered

To be honest, I'd feel more co-operative if you added your name to this request instead of hiding behind anonymity. It's no shame to ask a question like this.

Here's a Didge original, just for you. It ain't Shakespeare but it might do the trick.

Hey! Did you know that when you drink,
Your water from the kitchen sink,
Delivered by your trusty faucet
Running strong, without a pause, it
Often comes from murky places --
Like swamps (the home of alligators)
Or marshes where strange beasties hide --
Garnered there, it's purified:
You get your water clarified.

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