if all of the industries and power plants that polute were shut down would we be able to do without them? like for example there are steam heat plants that give someone elc smewhere. and there are microwave and wind power plants.


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What do you mean by steam heat plants? Are you talking about Geo-thermal plants? And what is a microwave power plant? I have never heard of those before. Solar cells perhaps?

Any of the afore mentioned are not nearly as efficient as coal, oil, or gas power plants. These can increase or decrease output with demand. Wind power is dependent upon nature as is solar. Tidal power plants are extremely expensive to construct. Geo-thermal have a limited output and scientists are a bit afraid of them as they increase the cooling of the earths core. No hot core, no magnetic field to protect us.

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Ray Dart
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Fusion has only really been achieved in thermonuclear weapons (i.e. Hydrogen Bombs). There have been several "breakthroughs" with so-called "cold fusion" where less catastrophic nuclear are thought to have worked, none have proved to be true. The search continues.
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One theoretical idea of "microwave power" is beaming power from satellites to ground stations on Earth. The satellites would either use nuclear or solar power. If nuclear, the idea is the satellites would replace nuclear plants on Earth - and allegedly be safer.

I say allegedly, because most people talking about such satellites totally ignore the need for maintenance to prevent the satellites from falling to Earth at the end of their lifespan.
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this is what the info window sayd on the game for microwave plants ---->>> "beaming power from satellites to ground stations on Earth". so thats how i knew to ask in the 1st place.

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