Tell me the truth. How many of you have actually heard of my country? (Maldives)


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I have. I know it is in th Indian Ocean and is beautiful. I have also seen pictures with bioluminescent creatures making the beach glow at night. I would LOVE to see that!

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Like Blue Lou, I've heard of it but don't know a lot about it. Sure looks inviting though!

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I have and i'm sure so many people have heard it as well.

Maldive is a known country in compare of so many other smaller countries specially in Africa!

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I know of it, but don't know that much about the Maldives. What are some things you think we should all know about this beuatiful land?

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You definitely can't see the real Maldives even if you search it
All you would see are resorts
But basically it looks beautiful everywhere except in the Capital City
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I have. I expect most people have.

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I believe most adults have heard of The Maldives, particularly people who dream of vacationing in tropical destinations. I've never been there, but I've seen lots of pictures of The Maldives.

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