What are the 5 most important things to you? 


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ly fen chen answered

Firstly it's my health, as being healthy is important in life, secondly my family is essential, I just have 2 daughters who are my heart, I love them so much, others are my friends who are good to me, and we can help each other too, and manage a living, so if it's good managed, then our life is better.

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Jaimie JT answered

1) my health ( it seems  so obvious but I've seen so many people I love fade away and lose their  health soooo HEALTH !! )

2) my best friend who is now my family .. Getter!!  I love you :p plus my other closest friend an "angel"  who I am  so happy I still talk to lots even though I had to move on from for me. Our world is so awesome !! I'm glad we still have it 

3) my niece , she makes me smile every day .. She should be number one but this list isn't in order cos it's not :p

4) my financial security .. I have it for reasons that are not awesome , but I'm happy I will never have to worry about money. I'm allowed be happy for that cos I said so.

5) I met a batman and I had an amazing love  :) I had a love that I think most people never get to experience. Some do, I got to and I am so grateful for his time here with me :) BAM !

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otis campbell answered

My health. Money my cat motormouth.  Well motormouth is number one my health is shot and i live ck to ck and barely that so my life is bad off

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