Is anyone looking forward to the month of February?


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I always look forward to a new month.

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Shortest month of the year and it's leap year. Traditionally in the US, Feb 29th is the only day a woman can propose to a man.

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Ancient Hippy
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Thanks Stuart, I've always wanted to visit Australia. I'll be there in a few days. And you know that I love dogs.
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I'll vacuum the kennels tomorrow. Do you need a lift from the airport?
Ancient Hippy
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Nope, I've hired a driver to bring me from the airport. I'll be there in time for tea. (a pizza would be nice too)
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I am. My birthday and Valentine's Day are in February, so of I course I am. Plus it gets us one month closer to spring!

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For sure! I'm going to Luxembourg in February, which should be fun. It's also one month closer to summer - that's always a good thing in the UK.

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PJ Stein
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I saw a travel show the other day about the smallest countries in Europe. Luxembourg looks so beautiful! Have fun!
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My birthday is in February, but I just treat it as any other day. I am looking forward to putting my lift and my new tires and rims on my XJ next month though.

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Yeah I am looking for the month of February because my mom birthday is coming in this month and also Its a leap year so it has 29 days coming in this month.

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