Why is it that most women like guys with a defined jaw? I'm 15 and consider myself to have a defined jaw and I do get girls checking me out. Plus it makes it even more surprising to know I'm the only Asian in my grade to not have a round face.


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Back in the cave man days a strong jaw was an indicator of an alpha male. We have a natural attraction to said males to ensure the survival of our species.

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John McCann answered

A defined jaw is an indication of a body well sculpted by testosterone and free of genetic insults.

Women shown pictures of men during their menses will find that sort of high testosterone indicator, defined jaws among them, more attractive than other pictures of men.

You may thank natural selection for women wanting two types of men. The testosterone fueled male and the good provider/child care male.

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Id have to say its simply because it is an attractive feature. No more. No less.

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