Houston, We have a problem. We're under water. My Xfinity-Cable is out. We must Shelter-In-Place. Everything is closed, schools, city and county offices, metro and 100's of roads. People have been stranded on freeways for hours. Thousands of homes are flooded. 230+flights canceled. Bush airport closed.  What can I do?

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I've been following your plight on the news. Sorry you're having problems from the flooding. All I can say is make sure that you have an inflatable raft at home, just in case you need it.

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Oh jan these weather men are going crazy its just a little storm. You need to drive down south to my place and pick up your memorial day shine. Cranberry and blueberry shine. You will be ok. You must not have rode out a hurricane before. I have.

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Otis, I've been in Houston over 30 years. Ike, left me without electricity for a week. Remember about 2 months ago RAIN.
Mike Izsvito Fox 26 said Rain is headed your way toward Galveston. I-45 N @ Main BAD. 288 closed.
I'm coming for my shine, later this year. Its still raining.
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Oh im ok we saved all the shine and the still. I will ship you shine later this week
otis campbell
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I rode out alicia in 83 no power for two weeks we would drive to pasadena for ice
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I saw on the news you were going to have a bad weather day. Not much you can do but hunker down and pray your power stays on. If it goes out have a flashlight and fresh batteries ready (Standard equipment here in FL) and a good book to read and/or a jigsaw puzzle to keep you busy. Stay safe and dry Jan!

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You could always move out to California ! Can't even remember the last flood up here. We just have earthquakes instead ! No problem ! LOL. Wishing you my best Jan ! Hang in there ! :)

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Don't go outside.  If it's flooded, forget it.

We always have floods here because off all the cyclones, and they're really bad.  Stay inside.  When the floods have died down, buy bottled water and canned food, and always keep some on standby just in case.  Keep listening to the radio, or watching the news for updates, and most importantly, stay safe.

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